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Fulcrum SUB215

Dual 15″ Direct-Radiating Subwoofer

Key Features.

  • Operating Mode: Single- or Dual-amplified w/ DSP

  • Operating Range: 25 Hz to 141 Hz

  • LF Transducers: 2x 15.0″ woofers, 4.0″ voice coil; ceramic magnet

  • Power Handling at Nominal Impedance: 2000 W @ 4 Ω

  • Equalised Maximum SPL (peak / continuous): 137 dB / 131 dB (half space)



The Sub215 is a dual 15 inch, vented subwoofer that is designed to provide low frequency support in installations requiring high SPLs from a compact enclosure. Its high power transducers provide a physically engaging musicality like that produced by larger systems.The Sub215 requires digital signal processing, and many platforms are supported.

The Sub215 is an excellent option any time a compact subwoofer with robust SPL capability is needed. This makes it the perfect choice for club live reinforcement or dance systems, high intensity DJ monitors, A/V screening rooms, and distributed low frequency reinforcement in nightclubs, restaurants, and theme parks.


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