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CatCore X4LS-D Patch Panel
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CatCore offers an XLR over CAT cabling solution for analogue audio, AES, DMX, Comms and any other signal that would normally use XLR cable.  Using screened CAT5/6/7 cable it provides four individual channels completely passively, with no conversion or alteration of the signal.

Perfect for a huge number of applications such as stage or front-of-house multicores, DMX links or patching between equipment racks.

CatCore Stage Box

Stage boxes

Connection of us to four lines of XLR down a single screened CAT5 cable.

CatCore Cable Break Out

Cable splits

Any combination of connectors being run directly through a rugged strain relief jacket into a compact box

CatCore X4LS-D Patch Panel

Patch panels

A simple off the shelf way to significantly improve connectivity of any amplifier

CatCore RSD Rack Box

Rack boxes

19" rack boxes with optional XLR loop through connectors on the rear.

CatCore Speakon BreakOut Box

SpeakON boxes

Speakon breakout boxes for speaker signal sub-distribution.

CatCore UP55 Wall Plate

Wall plates

1 gang XLR over CAT wall outlet/inlet plates

CatCore Guide

What can you do with CatCore???

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