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Fulcrum SUB115

15″ Direct-Radiating Subwoofer

Key Features.

  • Operating Mode: Single-amplified w/ DSP

  • Operating Range: 30 Hz to 135 Hz

  • LF Transducers: 15.0″ woofer, 4.0″ voice coil; ceramic magnet

  • Power Handling at Nominal Impedance: 700 W @ 8 Ω

  • Equalised Maximum SPL (peak / continuous): 132 dB / 126 dB (half space)



The Sub115 is a 15 inch, vented subwoofer that is designed to provide low frequency support in installations requiring high SPLs from a compact enclosure. Its high power transducer provides a physically engaging musicality like that produced by larger systems.The Sub115 requires digital signal processing, and many platforms are supported.

The Sub115 is an excellent option any time a low profile subwoofer with robust SPL capability is needed. This makes it the perfect choice for distributed low frequency reinforcement in nightclubs, restaurants, and theme parks. It is also well suited for use in a compact DJ booth and as a VLF channel in A/V screening rooms or for multi-media playback.


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