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Fulcrum FA12

12″ Coaxial Loudspeaker

Key Features.

  • Operating Mode: Single-amplified w/ DSP

  • Operating Range: 46 Hz to 20 kHz

  • HF/LF Transducers: Coaxial 3.0” titanium diaphragm compression driver; 12.0” woofer, 3.0” voice coil; single neodymium magnet

  • Power Handling at Nominal Impedance: HF/LF 400 W @ 8 Ω

  • Equalized Maximum SPL (peak / continuous): 128 dB / 122 dB

90° x 45° Coverage Pattern


The FA12 is a portable, coaxial loudspeaker that is well suited for a variety of sound reinforcement applications. Its neodymium coaxial transducer and 90° x 45° horn provide broad coverage that is beneficial in both stage monitor and mains operation. Its multi-faceted enclosure includes a pole mount socket, 40° and 55° rear angles for stage monitor use, and M10 threaded accessory plates for use with optional suspension hardware such as the FA12 Yoke Bracket. The enclosure is horizontally-oriented for a visually pleasing, low profile aesthetic. If a vertical orientation is desired, it can be easily obtained by exchanging the pole socket with one of the M10 accessory plates and rotating the coaxial transducer to provide appropriate coverage angles.

Fulcrum Acoustic’s TQ™ processing is an integral part of the FA12 design. Sound, innovative acoustical design combined with state of the art digital processing leads to exceptional clarity and precise transient response, even at very high sound pressure levels. The required digital signal processing can be provided by one of many supported platforms. Free air and stage monitor presets are available for all platforms.

The FA12’s unique TQPassive™ internal crossover is designed to work in conjunction with TQ™ processing. It provides the high efficiency, excellent damping, and precise directional control normally associated with bi-amplified operation, but it does not require a second amplifier and processor channel. There are no resistive components in the crossover to heat up, so its response remains consistent even at high levels.

The FA12’s versatility, high performance, aesthetic appeal, and cost effective operation makes it a compelling choice for A/V rental companies, live performance venues, corporate A/V, nightclub PA, theatrical productions, and more.


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