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CatCore UP55

XLR over CAT Wall Panel

Models available.

  • UP55-3M - 4 x 3pin XLR male

  • UP55-3F - 4 x 3pin XLR female

  • UP55-5M - 4 x 5pin XLR male

  • UP55-5F - 4 x 5pin XLR female

  • UP55-3MMFF - 2 x 3pin XLR male (1+2), 2 x 3pin XLR female (3+4)

  • UP55-3FFMM - 2 x 3pin XLR female (1+2), 2 x 3pin XLR male (3+4)



4x XLR single gang panel - Elegant wall outlet with four XLR connectors. Suitable for flush mounted box 40mm or deeper. Solder free connection via LSA+/IDC Contacts directly to one Cat5/6/7 network cable.

Versions in white, silver and black (eg for theatres and cinemas with dark walls) available. Solid front made from painted aluminium.

Including Busch-Jaeger Future® Linear masking frame. Unique design matching even demanding architectural requirements. Decent integration with minimum space requirement in standard electrical installations.

Version W: whiteVersion S: silverVersion B:black

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