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CatCore RSD

19" double rack box with optional loop outputs

Models available.

  • RSD-3M - 3pin male XLR front panel, 3pin female XLR rear panel

  • RSD-3F - 3pin female XLR front panel, 3pin male XLR rear panel

  • RSD-5M - 5pin male XLR front panel, 5pin female XLR rear panel

  • RSD-5F - 5pin female XLR front panel, 5pin male XLR rear panel



Rack unit, with two universes of CatCore, each with two Ethercon and four XLR-connectors on front and opposite gender XLR's on the rear. All sockets are designed with CatCore in parallel.

In/outputs can either be used with conventional XLR, or via CatCore. Perfect use for multichannel amps, wireless microphone racks or DMX Nodes.

Powder coated aluminium 19” housing 1U rack space with shallow design allows mounting even behind devices. Laser engraving for permanent marking.

Pinout according to Standard AES72 / 3E.

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