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CatCore D-Kit

XLR over CAT DIY Kit

Models available.

  • DKit-3M - 4 x 3pin male XLR

  • DKit-3F - 4 x 3pin female XLR

  • DKit-5M - 4 x 5pin male XLR

  • DKit-5F - 4 x 5pin female XLR



XLR over Cat DIY Kit CatCore/Ethercon socket with four XLR tails for D-series cutout (24mm diameter). Mounting without tools within seconds due to unique connection technology, perfect for extending existing equipment like stage boxes and patch bays. AES/EBU-cables for digital or analog audio, DMX or any other symmetrical signals.

Easy to assemble DIY-kit for creating stage multi systems, patch-bays and looms for mixers. Extremely high density, up to 6x4 channels within one 19" rack unit.

Labelling for each set 1-4, coloured marking for groups optionally possible. Colour codes come in our easy to remember "RGBW"-scheme, unless ordered differently.

Red, Green, Black, White.

Pinout according to Standard AES72 / 3E.

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