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Fulcrum AHS

Digitally Configurable Coaxial Horn

Key Features.

  • LF Transducers: 4 x 10.0” neodymium magnet cone driver, 2 x 3.5” diameter dual-gap voice coils

  • HF Transducers: 4x neodymium coaxial ring radiator, 4.0” titanium mid frequency diaphragm, 2.5” high frequency diaphragm

45° x +15° to -15° // 60° x +10° to -30°


The 3-way AHS4 steerable array loudspeaker represents a leap forward in solving design challenges when installing systems in sub-optimal conditions and spaces. Harnessing the power of Fulcrum’s TQ processing combined with proprietary beam-forming algorithms, the AHS4 provides superior pattern control and precisely-defined coverage for long-throw applications. The AHS4 is particularly potent when used in scoreboard systems in large format sports stadia, where architecture and scoreboard designs present challenges that are difficult for conventional line array loudspeakers to overcome.

Its unique Compression Head™ horn architecture provides exceptional low frequency loading to its four 10 inch low frequency drivers, while four Oculus™ phase plugs extends the 10s’ high frequency response to smoothly mesh with four state-of-the-art coaxial mid/high frequency compression drivers. The loudspeaker is driven by 6 channels of processing and amplification, which provides sufficient granularity for a range of steering settings. Please consult with Fulcrum tech support for recommended platforms.

The AHS4 may be stacked or flown to create larger arrays. It may also be paired with a companion AHS4 loudspeaker to extend coverage further above or below the array. When multiple AHS units are stacked, the stack is configured as one digitally steerable array.


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