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5" | 2-way | 35 WRMS | WiSpeak | powered | 360º H dispersion | pendant

Key Features.

  • 5" woofer + 1" tweeter

  • 32W RMS power rating

  • Dispersion 360° x 160° (HxV)

  • ABS reinforced with fibreglass

  • PD version with 2 x 5m steel cords for pendant installation

  • PD version with Euroblock power supply connection

  • 1x WiSpeak wireless audio signal received, from the transmitter it is paired to

  • Front panel UNPAIR control and LED indicators

  • 12 meters maximum range, open space, for the WiSpeak wireless network (from the transmitter to each receiver)

  • Available in white (RAL 9003) and black colour (RAL 9005)

Retail // Education // Corporate // Sports & Wellness // Hospitality


WiSpeak GLOBE is a 2-way self-powered sphere loudspeaker with wireless audio reception and control capabilities under the control of the Master unit. It includes a 5" woofer and a 1" silk dome tweeter. 360° horizontal dispersion. Available in two versions - with light-rail compatible installation system (RM) and pendant installation system (PD).


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