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H.265 Full HD over IP Video Extender Controller

Key Features.

  • Easy to create project, control and manage the system.

  • Setup wizard to easy assign devices to a project including Auto, DHCP and Manual IP configurations.

  • HTTPS, SSH, SFTP security compatible.

  • Built-in Web GUI control interface, supporting Drag & Drop operations.

  • Support image preview.

  • Support video, audio, RS-232, control and management of the distributed system.

  • Two dedicated LAN ports to host independent Control and Video networks.

  • Support TCP and RS-232 port control and third-party central control.

  • Multiple circuits protection, lightning protection and ESD design.

  • Reliable system design, ensuring 7*24 hours reliable and stable work.

  • PoE functionality.

Retail // Education // Corporate // Leisure // Sports & Wellness // Hospitality


VEO-XCTRLG2 is a controller module that allows the user to manage and operate VEO-XTI1CG2 and VEO-XRI1CG2 video over IP devices in large multipoint to multipoint systems. It mounts two dedicated LAN ports to host independent Control and Video networks. VEO-XCTRLG2 offers a dedicated web interface that features a setup wizard, matrix control, video wall smart creation and operation, drag and drop source selection, video preview and TCP and RS-232 control commands. It supports POE function which makes this advanced managing tool a perfect fit more all sorts of AV over IP installations.


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