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HDMI Wireless Transmitter

Key Features.

  • BYOM transmitter for VEO-SWC44 base unit.

  • Start and stop wireless transmission with a simple touch.

  • LED and vibration status indicator.

  • Windows and macOS compliant.

  • Supports screen sharing in mirror or extended desktop mode.

  • No additional driver installation needed.

Education // Corporate // Hospitality


VEO-SWC44TH is a HDMI wireless transmitter that allows participants to easily share content from a laptop or HDMI device to the VEO-SWC44 base unit. Power is supplied by an auxiliary USB Type A connector. It is designed as a cross platform and plug and play device with no additional driver installation needed. This technology allows to start a transmission and begin sharing content by just connecting the wireless transmitter into the source and pushing the surface. A LED indicator and a vibration driver, both allow the user to know the status of the wireless transmitter at any time.


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