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LCD display | microSD | DLNA & Airplay | Streaming

Key Features.

  • Single-deck audio player

  • Stereo output, RCA connectors and mini-jack

  • Internet streaming receiver

  • Digital sharing streams receiver (DLNA and Airplay)

  • Local media player (from USB and MicroSD card slots)

  • Front panel LCD display and local controls

  • Programmable and controllable via front panel, embedded web app and Ecler Gallery

  • Calendar events trigger, synchronisation of contents hosted in the cloud (Cloud Disk Sync) and execution of “scripts” (files of instructions written by the user, Lua language –

  • Compatible with the JSON protocol

Retail // Education // Corporate // Leisure // Hospitality


PLAYER ONE is a compact audio player with a stereo output that can play music contents from local storage media (USB/MicroSD card), Internet streams or digital sharing streams (DLNA and Airplay compatible).


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