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Dual streaming & media audio player

Key Features.

  • 2 independent media players, each one linked to a dedicated stereo output

  • Compatible with mp3, ogg, AAC, WAV and FLAC audio formats

  • SD and USB slots for local storage media contents

  • Ethernet interface (RJ45 connector) for EclerNet and TP-NET control, Internet streaming reception and networked media playback

  • Fully programmable and controllable via EclerNet software

  • UCP (User Control Panels) remote control system, compatible with WPNETTOUCH and third-party client devices (iOS©, Windows© and Android©)

  • Integrated RTC (Real-Time Clock) and NTP (Network Time Protocol) synchronization, for scheduled events triggering

  • 4 GPI ports (General Purpose Inputs) to trigger events

  • IR remote control for basic end-user control

  • Priority media (emergency, advertising, etc.) over program audio

Retail // Education // Corporate // Leisure // Hospitality


DUO-NET PLAYER is a double audio sound source that features full EclerNet compatibility (EclerNet Manager software, UCP control system, WPNETTOUCH remote management, TP-NET third party integration protocol, etc.). It includes 2 independent stereo media players, each one being able to play Internet audio streams and local or networked audio media. DUO-NET PLAYER can be used as a stand-alone media player or integrated as a piece of a full EclerNet system, as well as coexisting with third-party devices.


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