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Remote Wall Micro-Mixer

Key Features.

  • Unbalanced stereo line input (2 x RCA)

  • Balanced microphone input with BASS and TREBLE controls and selectable Phantom power

  • Independent volume controls for LINE and MIC inputs

  • Talk-over function available (MIC over LINE)

  • External PSU required. Compatible with WP24-PSU power supply unit. We suggest using the Ecler WP24-PSU, which can power up to 20 WPaMIX-T units (depending on voltage losses caused by cable lengths and sections).

  • It can be combined with an eMCONTROL1 to work as a remote audio input for HUB Series digital zoner

  • Surface-mount box included

  • Available in white colour (RAL 9016)

Retail // Corporate // Leisure


WPaMIX-T is a 2 channel micro-mixer which keeps the standard wall-panel format of the WPa series. It allows to a mix a stereo unbalanced signal (2 x RCA) with a microphone signal (XLR), getting a balanced mono output that can be sent to a preamplifier, amplifier, mixer, digital or analogue matrix, etc., thus saving inputs in the receiver device. The MIC input includes a 2 band EQ (BASS, TREBLE) and it can use the talk-over function to override the line signal when the microphone exceeds the talk-over detection threshold. Power supply not included (WP24-PSU). Surface-mount installation box included (WxHxD = 86 x 86 x 38mm). WPa is a series of remote control wall panels for systems and interconnecting audio signals, with a modern, elegant, discrete aesthetic, designed in collaboration with Italdesign Giugiaro.


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