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10" touch screen | UCP | PoE DC | Dante™ | EclerNet

Key Features.

  • Desktop paging station based on touch screen and programmable UCP panels

  • Flexo type microphone included

  • Audio transport using Dante ™

  • EclerNet control device, with the ability to execute EclerNet projects on its internal engine, acting as a server and / or client of UCP panels

  • 10 "capacitive touch screen

  • PoE power or by local power supply

  • Ethernet communication interface

  • Analog audio output (MIMO88 / 88SG / 1212SG compatible)

Retail // Education // Corporate // Sports & Wellness // Hospitality


PAGENETDN is a desktop paging console for voice notices with Dante™ audio over IP which works perfectly to manage huge zoning projects in combination with MIMO7272DN and MIMO4040CDN matrix.


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