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16-zone | 20-key | e-ink display | RJ45

Key Features.

  • 20 mechanical keys with integrated LED status indicator (paging zone selection management)

  • 1 mechanical key with adjacent LED indicator (message activation, PAGE key)

  • Electronic ink display (shows paging zone names)

  • Gooseneck microphone, with standard XLR connector

  • Management of up to 16 paging zones

  • RJ45 connector for single CAT5 or higher cabling (point-to-point), including power, audio output signal (picked up by the microphone) and digital control bus between the HUB unit and the eMPAGE station

  • Connector for backup power supply (optional)

  • Two eMPAGE units, with different or equal priority levels, can work simultaneously on the same HUB zoner

  • Programming of paging station(s) functionality from the web application embedded in the HUB: enabled paging zones, chime melodies, priorities, programmable keys, etc.

Retail // Corporate // Hospitality


eMPAGE is a digital paging station (MPAGE16's evolution), compatible with HUB, MIMO88, MIMO88SG and MIMO1212SG digital matrixes. Includes: a gooseneck cardioid microphone (removable); 16 zone-selection keys; ALL, CLEAR and PAGE keys; 2 programmable keys, F1 & F2, for zone-group selection. Text labelling for destination areas by means of programmable electronic ink display.


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