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6" | 2-way | 75 WRMS | ABS reinforced

Key Features.

  • Two-way full-range pendant loudspeaker

  • 75 W RMS @ 8 Ω

  • 6,5" woofer / 1" tweeter.

  • Compatible for use in high impedance (70V or 100V line) and low impedance (8Ω)

  • Power selector: 4 options of 60W/30W/15W/7.5W in high impedance or one 75W option in low impedance

  • ABS reinforced with fibreglass

  • Paintable grille and speaker (white)

  • INPUT/LINK double connector, Euroblock type Cable length: 5m (includes 2 height adjustable steel cords)

  • Available in white (RAL9003) and black (RAL9005)

Retail // Corporate // Leisure // Hospitality


DROP6 is a 6.5" 75W @ 8Ω 2-way pendant loudspeaker with a sleek design, featuring a 70/100V line transformer with 60/30/15 and 7.5W power selections, available in high and low impedance levels.


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