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3x2 | Multi-format box

Key Features.

  • Analog audio balancer-transmitter-receiver equipment (2 send channels + 2 receiver channels)

  • 1/2 RU format

  • Universal external PSU, multi-plug

  • 1 duplicate format ST input: mini-jack and double RCA

  • 2 balanced mono inputs, combo format

  • 1 balanced ST output with local connectors, being able to select different combinations of inputs for this output

  • The same balanced output, 2 channels, is available in RJ45 connector for delivery via a CAT5 over long distances, received in a remote unit

  • The same unit has another RJ45 port for 2-channel reception coming from the remote unit

  • One of the 2 units can send remote power to your linked unit, by the transmission cable (TX port)

Retail // Education // Corporate // Leisure // Hospitality


GENIO is an analogue audio balancer, receptor and emitter device (2 channel for sending + 2 channels for receiving). Each GENIO unit can perform simultaneously as emitter and receptor which means 2 signals could be sent and received at the same time in each unit.


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