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4-ch | Bluetooth® | analogue mixer

Key Features.

  • 4-channel analogue mixer, one channel with adjustable Talkover

  • 19" rack installation or desktop

  • 4 microphone inputs, one with combo connector (front panel)

  • 48 V phantom power for microphone inputs (rear panel selector)

  • 6 RCA stereo line inputs, and one stereo mini-jack line input on front panel

  • Class 1 Bluetooth® wireless connection (up to 25 m range under ideal conditions)

  • Source selector on each channel

  • Selectable high-pass filter for MIC inputs (fc = 100 Hz)

  • 3-band tone control (treble, midrange and bass)

  • Input signal presence and overload indicators

  • 45 mm faders

  • ALT OUT send per channel. Sub-mix available

  • USB port for charging mobile devices

  • Balanced main output (MAIN OUT), XLR connector

  • Stereo/mono switch for main output

  • Signal indicators (LED) with measured output signal selector (MAIN OUT or ALT OUT)

  • Unbalanced alternative or sub-mix output (ALT OUT), RCA connector

  • Sub-bass or auxiliary output (SUB OUT), XLR connector. Mono sum of the main output signal

  • Low-pass filter available on SUB OUT (fc = 150 Hz)

  • Front panel headphone output, mini-jack

  • 3URMKIT included (rack-mount accessory)

  • Universal external power supply with interchangeable connectors (American, European, British and Chinese).

Education // Leisure // Sports & Wellness


eCOMPACT4BT is a desktop and 19" rackmount 4-channel mixer with Bluetooth® for professional installation. Simple to operate, suitable for both experienced and novice users. Features 4 microphone inputs, 6 stereo line inputs, USB charging port, Bluetooth® wireless connection and a mini-jack input for external devices. All microphone inputs have a switchable high-pass filter. 3-band tone control and ALT Send (sub-mix channel) on all channels.


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