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40x40 | digital matrix | Dante™ | AES67

Key Features.

  • CONFERENCE firmware only (no STANDARD firmware available)

  • 40x40 audio input / output ports available

  • 40 input channels x 40 output channels digital audio native matrix

  • 8 MIC / LINE analogue audio inputs

  • 8 LINE analogue audio outputs

  • 32 Dante ™/AES67 digital input channels

  • 32 Dante ™/AES67 digital output channels

  • 8 GPI ports

  • 8 GPO ports

  • 2 Dante™ interfaces (primary and secondary), available for configuration of redundant Dante ™ networks

  • 1 Ethernet programming and control interface (EclerNet, UCP, TP-NET and WPNET series control panels)

  • 1 serial control port, RS-232 (TP-NET)

  • Embedded project manager and server of the project’s integrated UCP panels

  • Connection of all peripherals directly via EtherNet network, and without local wiring (remote controls WPNET series, WP22DN wall panel Dante™/AES67 interface, etc.)

Retail // Education // Corporate // Sports & Wellness // Hospitality


MIMO4040CDN is is a digital audio matrix including a native (full DSP) matrix of 40x40 input and output audio channels total size, specially designed for conference rooms. It includes functions such as AUTOMIXER or FEEDBACK KILLER by default, as well as up to 8 microphone channels with AEC (Acoustic Echo Canceling) processing activated by software licenses.


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