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12x12 | digital matrix | DSP

Key Features.

  • 12x12 digital matrix (not expandable)

  • Fully programmable and controllable via EclerNet software

  • UCP (User Control Panels) remote control system, compatible with WPNETTOUCH and third-party devices, such as computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.

  • TP-NET protocol compatible, for third-party control systems integration

  • DSP processing: signal generator, delays, full parametric EQ filters at inputs and outputs, inputs noise gate, level, mute, phase, vu-meters, outputs compressor / limiter, paging and ducking (priority & overriding), virtual and physical paging stations management, presets save & recovery, scheduled events triggering, etc.

  • FREQUENCY SHIFTER function to avoid acoustic feedback, available in 4 inputs

  • WPNET4KV and WPNET8K compatible control panels (using specific retro-compatible Firmware).

Retail // Education // Corporate // Hospitality


MIMO1212SG (MIMO1212 SINGLE) is an EclerNet digital audio device that keeps the heart and soul of the standard MIMO88, its main features and its audio quality, to become a simplified and cost-effective version (12x12) of this acclaimed digital matrix.


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