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Dante™/AES67 Digital Amplifier with DSP and Player

Key Features.

  • 4 amplified outputs VersaPower asymmetrical 2400W power management

  • 4 Dante™ outputs and 4 Dante™/AES67* (*supported from firmware version v1.02 or higher)

  • 2 auxiliary outputs

  • 4 analogue inputs

  • MicroSD/SDHC audio player

  • Internal matrix and signal processing

  • Web application for device configuration

  • Smart power management VersaPower

  • Control and scheduled events for automation

  • Customized User Panels

  • Remote control user application for iOS/Android/Web

  • Ultra low power consumption mode "Sleep Mode"

Education // Corporate // Leisure // Sports & Wellness // Hospitality


VIDA-24Q is a 2400W digital amplifier, with 4 amplified outputs that can be independently configured in high (100/70V) or low (8/4/2ohm) impedance. The VersaPower technology, developed by Ecler, allows an asymmetrical power distribution, and thanks to the Smart VersaPower tool it helps installers by facilitating a smart and fast configuration. In addition, the Class D amplification technology as well as the configurable 4-outputs auto standby and sleep mode functions, both configurable, further improve energy efficiency. This device offers a wide range of possibilities thanks to its 4 analogue and 4 Dante™/AES67 digital inputs, audio player - with microSD slot for local audio files – as well as signal generator, plus 2 auxiliary line outputs and Dante™/AES67 digital outputs. All these features are managed from its intuitive web application which, among other functionalities, allows signal routing - matrix -, audio signal processing - such as equalisation or limiters -, priority management, GPIO configuration through events, as well as calendar events, playlist management and SD card content, thus facilitating the start-up of the audio-visual installation, its maintenance and customisation. Thanks to the Android/iOS/Web application available to the end user, the audio installation can be managed by them in an easy, intuitive, and customised way.


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