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DSP | Lo-Z and Hi-Z | 4 x 375W

Key Features.

  • 4 x 400W outputs @ 4ohms.

  • 2 x 800W @ HiZ (100/70V) in bridge mode.

  • 4 analogue inputs on Euroblock connectors.

  • 4 GPI for remote volume control.

  • 1 External Mute.

  • Internal matrix mixer and signal processing.

  • HADA DSP Manager software for device configuration and control.

  • Third party control via TCP/IP

Education // Corporate // Leisure // Sports & Wellness // Hospitality


HADA-4B400 is a 4x400W digital amplifier that supports low and high impedance loads. The internal DSP, through the DSP Manager software, allows tailoring the input and output signal through parametric EQs, multi-band compressors, limiters, and delays and each configuration can be saved as a preset. In addition to the software option, input levels can be controlled via the front panel potentiometers, via remote controls using the rear panel GPI, or via a TCP/IP from third party control systems. All HADA series amplifiers include efficient thermal protection, DC protection, over current protection, and HF protection for total reliability in any kind of installation.


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