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2x60 WRMS | stereo | micro-amplifier

Key Features.

  • 2 x 60 W RMS at 4 ohm stereo amplifier

  • External, universal power supply

  • AUTO STANDBY function: in the absence of an audio signal the unit automatically goes into STANDBY mode, minimizing power consumption

  • Light and silent (fanless) design

  • 1 unbalanced stereo line input (LINE IN / STACK), with dual RCA connector and 3-pin Euroblock connector

  • Local volume control by knob

  • Remote volume control by WPa series wall panel (0-10VDC)

Retail // Education // Corporate // Leisure


eCA120 is a 2 x 60 W RMS @ 4 ohm stereo micro-amplifier, in a very compact format and a light and silent (fanless) design. It features 1 LINE stereo input, AUTO STANDBY function and volume remote control, compatible with ECLER WPaVOL and WPaVOL-SR wall panels (0-10 VDC). External, universal and CE/UL/CCC certified power supply.


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