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2x20 WRMS | stereo | micro-amplifier | EQ

Key Features.

  • Digital local control, encoder type

  • Infrared remote control included

  • Remote control compatible with WPaVOL and WPaVOLSR wall panels (0-10 VDC)

  • RS-232 control port compatible with EclerCOMM software and CA-NET protocol

  • MUTE port for external muting of the unit when an evacuation system must be activated

  • Presets / sources management via RS-232 or 0-10 VDC remote control port

  • AUTO STANDBY function

  • Light and silent (fanless) design

Retail // Education // Corporate // Leisure


CA40 is a 2 x 20 WRMS @ 4Ω stereo amplifier with a tiny size but amazing remote control features: serial RS-232 port, IR receiver and 0-10 VDC remote port. It is an ideal solution in those audiovisual applications which require integration with external control devices: education classrooms, meeting rooms, multimedia presentations, retail shops, etc.


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