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NEXT Pro Audio HFA112 Speakers

Mobile speakers.

Along with a wide range of fixed installations speakers, NEXT offer a incredibly versatile range of touring pro-audio systems.  With speakers ranging from 6" to 15" and subwoofers from 12" to twin 18" there are a huge variety of options depending on what events you do.

NEXT Pro Audio PFA8p Speaker

PFA Series

A complete active PA solution from 8" tops to 18" subwoofers.

NEXT Pro Audio HFA112

HFA Series

The premier self powered solution from NEXT Audiogroup.

NEXT PX System

PX Series

Ultimate point source performance with no compromise.

NEXT Audiocom MV10

MV Series

Flexible PA solutions powered by onboard lithium-ion batteries.

NEXT Audiocom Flexi15 System

Flexi Series

The brand new Flexi series offering a compact standalone self powered audio system.

NEXT Audiocom PRO15 Speaker

PRO Series

High performance with exceptional low frequency extension.

NEXT Pro Audio HFA118sHP Subwoofer


View all of the subwoofers availale from NEXT Audiogroup

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