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K-series subwoofers.

The K or KUBIX series of subwoofers from NEXT Pro Audio offer the perfect solution for compact installation bass.  Available in either 10" or 12" sizes these small foot print subwoofers can fit in anywhere.

NEXT Pro Audio K12s Subwoofer

Key Features.

Designed to be included within fixed installations these compact subwoofers were released to create an uniform coverage without hot spots. Highly accurate and neutral sounding with a compact format to deliver the best sound to every members of the audience.

  • Reflex loaded 10" and 12" subwoofers

  • Ultra compact footprint

  • Plywood construction

  • Designed and built in Portugal

  • Discreet design

  • Foot recess' for secure stacking


NEXT Pro Audio K10s Subwoofer


Product Type:

Frequency Response (-6 dB)

Program Power

Nominal Impedance

Sensitivity (1W, 1m)

Maximum SPL (calculated)

Low Frequency Driver

Input Connectors


Dimensions (WxHxD)

Net Weight

Passive Reflex Subwoofer

43Hz - 500 Hz

1400 W


101 dB (half-space)

133 dB / 136 dB (half-space)

1x 12" / 3.5"  VC, Long Excursion Custom Speaker

2 x Neutrik NL4

High-grade plywood

490 x 427 x 370 mm

18.1 kg

NEXT Pro Audio K12s
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