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NEXT Audiocom PRO12 Speaker

Install Speakers.

Combining simple engineering and cost effective pricing, most of the models feature both 100v line transformers and low impedance modes but all offer a high quality solution to every day installations.

NEXT Pro Audio PFA8p Speaker

PFAp Series

Designed and manufactured in Portugal, PFAp stands out for sonic and mechanical quality.

NEXT Audiocom PRO15 Speaker

PRO Series

High performance with exceptional low frequency extension.

NEXT PRO Audio K5 Speaker

K/X Series

Uncompromising design manufactured entirely in Portugal using B&C components. 

NEXT Audiocom T8 IP65 Speaker


At home indoors or outside, the T-Series provide a cost effective solution without compromise.

NEXT Audiocom C6 PRO Ceiling Speaker


In-ceiling solutions from NEXT Audiogroup with innovative design for the 21st century.

NEXT Audiocom P6 Pendant Speaker


Available in pendant, wall or garden configuration the P-series is a truly versatile product.

NEXT Audiocom W6 Installation Speaker


The ultra economy solution offering incredible versatility for a modest price point.

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