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A504DSP - Four channel DSP amplifier.

The A504DSP combines a lightweight, 4 x 500 W (2 x 1000 W) amplifier, with a powerful DSP engine that can be configured either via the front panel or from the PC software via USB.

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Key Features.

The A504DSP flexibly distributes the total amplifier power in various combinations across four, three or two outputs.  This ensures the amplifier is a highly efficient solution when using some channels for subwoofers and some for mid-top loudspeakers.

The onboard, advanced DSP engine, controlled by a built-in OLED screen with an encoder or by a PC, allows control of input/output routing, high-pass and low-pass filters, parametric EQ Filters, compressors/limiters, noise gates and alignment delays.​

  • Compact 1U four channel class D amplifier

  • 4 x 500watt / 2 x 100watt output

  • XLR inputs with speakON outputs

  • Remote control via software over USB

  • Onboard OLED screen for setup and operation

  • 3 year warranty

NEXT Audiocom A504DSP Amplifier
NEXT Audiocom A504DSP Amplifier

A504 DSP.

Product Type:

Frequency Response (-6 dB)

Number of channels

Power @ 4Ω

Power @ 8Ω

Power @ 8Ω Bridged

DSP Technology

Control Type

Input Connectors

Output Connectors


DSP Adjustable Parameters

Dimensions (WxHxD)

Power Input

Net Weight

Class D, 4 channel with DSP

20 Hz - 20 kHz (+0 / -0.5 dB)

4 Channels Low Impedance (LoZ) / 2 Channels High Impedance (HiZ)

4x 500 W

4x 250 W

2 x 1000 W

4 IN x 4 OUT - 32bit | 192 kHz DSP

Amplifier encoder and LCD or via USB and supplied software "A504 DSP Controller"

4 x Neutrik XLR

4 x Neutrik NL4

Speed Controlled Fan

PEQ, HPF, LPF, HSF, LSF, Compressor, Gate, Level, Delay, Polarity, Mute

483 x 44 x 290 mm

AC 110 V - 120 V | AC 220 V - 240 V 50 Hz/60 Hz


NEXT Audiocom A504DSP
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