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NEXT Audiocom MOKA Medium

8x MOKA Array - 9" Passive Line Array

2x MOKA Sub A - 15" Active Subwoofer

2x MOKA Sub - 15" Passive Subwoofer

2x MOKA Mini Bumper - Mini Bumper for Moka Array

Key Features.


The MOKA System is an ultra-compact plug n´play line array system optimised for flexible, high power and modular array configurations to fit a diverse range of sound reinforcement applications. MOKA seamlessly integrates cutting-edge concepts in sound reinforcement technology into a singular system, comprising 3 fundamental elements — the MOKA Array, the MOKA Sub and the MOKA Sub A. Its capabilities span from a small to large event, extending all the way to flown line array systems for professional live sound reinforcement at concerts and festivals, complete with adaptable subwoofer arrangements on the ground, or flown if needed. Beyond its system flexibility, MOKA stands out with its sophisticated features and technologies designed to streamline the life of every installer, rental company or band.

Product Type - Ultra-Compact Plug n Play Line Array

Frequency Response (-6dB) - 35Hz - 19kHz

Low Frequency Extension (-10dB) - 28Hz

Nominal Coverage (-6dB) - 100º H x 10º V

SW Nominal Impedance - 8Ω

LF Nominal Impedance - 16Ω

HF Nominal Impedance - 16Ω

Amplifier Technology - Class D Amplifier with DSP

Amplifier Power - 4 x 2300W at 4Ω

Number of Amplifier Channels - 4 Channels

THD+N - <1%

SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) - 103dB

DSP Technology - 2 IN/4 OUT - 24bit/96kHz

DSP Presets - 10

SW Sensitivity (1W, 1m) - 96dB

LF Sensitivity (1W, 1m) - 96dB

HF Sensitivity (1W, 1m) - 108dB

SW Maximum SPL (calculated) - 136.5dB (Half-Space)

LF Maximum SPL (calculated) - 134.6dB

HF Maximum SPL (calculated) - 139.6dB

Subwoofer Driver - 15" Woofer | 3" Voice Coil

Low Frequency Driver - 9" Neodymium Woofer - Coaxial | 3" Voice Coil

High Frequency Driver - 3" Neodymium Driver - Coaxial

Subwoofer Driver Power - 700W

Low Frequency Driver Power - 450W

High Frequency Driver Power - 90W

Audio Signal Inputs - Array Input | Subwoofer Input

Input Connectors - 1 x XLR | 1 x XLR

Audio Signal Outputs - Array Link | Subwoofer Link

Output Connectors - 1 x XLR | 1 x XLR

Speakers Output Connectors - 1 x SpeakON NL4 to MOKA SUB | 1 x SpeakON NL4 to MOKA ARRAY

Protections - Peak Limiter | Temperature

Operating Temperature Range - 0ºC - 40ºC

Cooling Type - Internal Speed Controlled Fan

Power Supply - Switching Mode Power Supply with PFC (SMPS)

Power Input - AC 100V - 240V 50Hz/60Hz

Mains Connector - Neutrik POWERCON (Input and Output)

Power Consumption - 1300W

Fittings - SUB/SUB A: 4-Point Rigging System | 1 x M20 and/or 35mm pole mount socket | ARRAY: 3-Point Adjustable Rigging System (0º to 10º with 2º Step)

Handles - SUB/SUB A: 1 on each Side | ARRAY: One on the Back

Grille - Black Perforated Steel

Construction - Multi-Laminate Birch Plywood

Finish - Semi-Matte Black Polyurea Coating

Dimensions (WxHxD) - SUB/SUB A: 426 x 556 x 660mm (16.7 x 21.9 x 26 in) | ARRAY: 250 x 303 x 298mm (9.8 x 11.9 x 11.7 in)

Net Weight - SUB: 39.5kg (87lb) | SUB A: 50.8kg (112lb) | ARRAY: 10.2kg (22.5lb)

Shipping Weight -SUB: 42.5kg (93.7lb) | SUB A: 53.8kg (118.6lb) | ARRAY: 11.7kg (25.8lb)

Accessories - Pole Mount Bracket | Flight-Case | Bumper | Mini Bumper | Transportation Dolly | Protection Cover for 2 x MOKA SUB


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