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3" | 1-way | 18 WRMS | WiSpeak | powered | lamp style design | rail mount

Key Features.

  • Lamp style self-powered WiSpeak receiver, including 3” driver

  • Lighting rail mount included

  • Surface mount accessory available, optional (ref. TUBE SMA)

  • Universal, internal power supply, taking mains AC from the lighting rail bracket (100-240VAC 50-60Hz)

  • 1 x WiSpeak wireless audio signal received, from the transmitter it is paired to

  • 1 x AUX OUT analogue signal available (a copy of the received WiSpeak signal). It can be used for linking the unit to another WiSpeak transmitter, to extend the network, or to external audio devices, such as amplifiers, mixers or subwoofer units

  • Back panel UNPAIR control and LED indicators

Retail // Education // Corporate // Sports & Wellness // Hospitality


WiSpeak TUBE is a self-powered 3" lamp style loudspeaker with wireless audio reception and control capabilities under the control of the Master unit, featuring an installation system which is compatible with ceiling light rails.


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