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14x8 | digital zoner | DSP | plug&play

Key Features.

  • 14 inputs, 8 outputs digital zoner with integrated DSP

  • Easy programming and control by embedded web application, HANGAR, and standard web browser

  • Control from the front panel and user remote control by: eMCONTROL1 wall panels (up to 8) / eMPAGE paging consoles (up to 2) / Ecler pilot application, compatible with Android and iOS:control graphic panels set to user needs (pilot panels) / TP-NET protocol (RS-232 interface with DB9 connector)for control and integrating with third party systems

  • Control available, by zone (output): selection of audiosource (input), volume adjustment and MUTE, 3 band tone adjustment and general volume

  • Four priority levels, ducker/pager functions

  • Available DSP: frequency shifter, link stereo, delay,crossover filters, 8-band graphic EQ, compressor/limiterand much more

  • Predefined setups for a quick installation (plug and play)

  • MUTE port can be activated by closing the external dry contact, affecting programmed outputs to this effect

Retail // Education // Corporate // Sports & Wellness // Hospitality


HUB1408 is a digital zone manager with 14 inputs and 8 outputs. It has the HANGAR embedded web-server application (control from standard web browser in Windows / MacOS, etc.) for its configuration; remote control from physical wall installation panels, call (paging) stations and applications for mobile devices (Android, iOS). Includes DSP with specific functions for both inputs and outputs. HUB Series offers multiple possibilities, being intuitive and easy to configure. From the least experienced user to the most expert, you can set up a professional audio installation in a matter of minutes (Plug and Play). It is the perfect solution for any type of sound that requires managing and controlling different zones.


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