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4x4 | Dante™ digital audio interface

Key Features.

  • Ethernet, interface, DANTE audio and EclerNet compatible

  • 4 MIC/LINE balanced inputs, with Phantom Power and 3 sensitivity levels, Euroblock connector

  • 4 balanced LINE Outputs, Euroblock connector

  • 4 GPI ports (0-10VDC)

  • 4 GPO ports, NO / NC

  • Rack-mount kit included: 1UHRMKIT + PUM3- Rackmount accessories to mount 2 half- width RU devices in 1 standard width RU space or to mount 1 half- width RU device in 1 standard width RU space

Retail // Corporate // Sports & Wellness // Hospitality


DN44BOB is a 4 inputs and 4 outputs DANTE (Audio Over IP) Break Out Box. It allows to convert 4 analogue audio signals into 4 DANTE channels and send them into an Ethernet LAN, as well as to take 4 DANTE channels from the Ethernet network and convert them to analogue audio signals. It includes 4 GPI control ports (0-10VDC) and 4 GPO control ports (NO/NC relays). Can be used together with EclerNet DANTE ready products or as a stand-alone DANTE interface, together with any audio device including analogue audio inputs and/or outputs.


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