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6x4 | installation audio digital mixer

Key Features.

  • DSP @ 24 bits / 48kHz

  • Front panel LCD display

  • 6 front panel input control digital knobs (one per input)

  • 4 front panel output control digital knobs (one per output)

  • 4 front panel keys, for parameters adjustment and menus navigation

  • Processing:- Independent level control for each input and output- Independent mixer for each output zone- Crossover filters available for each output- Independent 10 band graphic EQ for each output- Independent and adjustable High-pass filter available for MIC/LINE inputs- 2 level priority PAGER / DUCKER function, triggered by MIC/LINE inputs- Independent Noise Gate function for MIC/LINE inputs- Independent Feedback Suppressor Function for MIC/LINE inputs- Adjustable delay time for 2 outputs

Retail // Education // Corporate // Hospitality


DAM614 is a fully programmable digital audio mixer. It includes 6 audio inputs and 4 audio outputs, front panel inputs and outputs level controls, DSP processing, RS-232 connectivity and 4 REMOTE control ports (0-10VDC). Its 4 outputs can be used as mono independent zones or coupled as stereo zones. Regarding inputs, the first 2 are stereo LINE inputs, and the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th ones are MIC/LINE ready (phantom available), being possible to use them independently (mono) or as stereo-coupled inputs.


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