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HDMI 2.0 audio De-embedder

Key Features.

  • Extracts the digital HDMI audio signal from the HDMI input to analog stereo output or to 5.1 S/PDIF output

  • Audio EDID Settings: Auto/2.0 CH/5.1CH

  • Signal amplification and equalization to extend HDMI input and output ports up to 10 meters (33 feet)

  • Supports LPCM, Dolby Digital and DTS

  • Supports resolution up to 4K@60Hz YUV4:4:4

  • Supports deep color up to 36bit

  • Supports sample rate up to 192 KHz and resolutions up to 24 bit

  • HDCP2.2/1.4 Compliant

  • Supports CEC

  • Supports up to 18Gbps video data rate


VEO-AXS4 allows to extract audio signals from HDMI signals up to 4K. It provides a stereo analog output on RCA connectors or a 5.1 digital output on Toslink connector, selectable through the onboard switch.


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