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CatCore X8-NF

2U audio input patch panel for 8-channel rack

Models available.

2u audio input patch bay for 8-channel amp rack



2U audio input patch panel for 8-channel racks incl. 4x XLR in (AES/EBU), 8x XLR in/out (analogue audio), 2x Ethercon e.g. for Powersoft X8 / Outline XO8.

Eight channel audio panel for amplifiers and amp racks. Analogue and digital audio inputs via XLR and CatCore, 2x Ethercon throughput. All analogue inputs with linked outputs on the front.

Low profile design, all connections on backside as sockets. Therefore usable witch any amp, and at any position within your rack.

Powder coated 19" aluminium housing / 2U low depth design allows even positioning behind devices within rack. Laser engraving for permanent marking.

Pinout CatCore-ports according to standard AES72 / 3E.

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